Monday, 21 February 2011

The Aftermath........

The Grand Union Canal between Uxbridge and Rickmansworth

Well I guess that for a first “Trail Trial” Saturday wasn’t too bad. I hope you are not too tired or dispirited from the ride.

What did we learn?

  1. It’s bloody expensive to buy single tickets to Windsor and return from St Albans. Much Cheaper if you’re a policeman.
  2. The NCR’s are not as well signposted as from St Albans to HP
  3. The Tow path in wet weather is deadly.
  4. We are going to have to make a very early start when we do the challenge. 
  5. It isn’t much fun cycling with no brakes. 
  6. Halfords staff in Watford are lazy good for nothing spotty Herbert’s. (we probably knew this before we left HP) 
  7. Did I miss out on anything???

As a matter of interest the place we stopped for coffee in is advertising for summer staff if you are interested.............(Paul they could definitely use your twinkle toes in the WC) follow this link….

Also I did a bit of digging around regarding the modern house we saw have a look at this

(John you said you were looking to move just remind us not to be on the towpath when you get up in the morning)

I was think that we ought to do another long one perhaps this Sunday??? HP to St Albans???? Or St Albans to HP I know that Leigh was sorry that he missed out this weekend .

What do you think??

1 comment:

  1. The weather was foul wasn't it. Let's hope it's dryer before and during the actual ride.
    Other things we learned:
    -Ian only gets punctures on days that end in 'Y'
    -Ainsley's nose for the right path means he is clearly part bloodhound.
    -St Albans High Street is damn-near vertical!
    -People on trains are quite intolerant of muddy bikes and muddy cyclists blocking the doorways and aisles. How strange.....
    -An Italian Rustic Lamb Stew washed down with a cheeky red tastes bloody marvellous when you get home.