Friday, 25 February 2011

Arrrrrgh !!!!!!!! The Inlaws have Landed

In true Irish Stylie..... Noreens Brothers family have arrived in London (avoiding their General Election I reckon) and will be staying with us over the weekend. I fear that I shall only be allowed out for a very short Cycle on Sunday Morning. 7:30 start my house up to Broxbourne and back hopefully by 10:00?.. any one up for it ???

River Lea at Cheshunt


  1. No worries Ian. I can't get out this weekend anyway. I think Mike was up for it tho.

    I did manage to get out this morning. Did 30 miles. Woodford - Epping Green - Roydon - Dobbs Weir - Woodford.

    Not a bad little actually. Traffic was fairly quiet too. Apart from a crash in Epping Green!

    Let's try an organise as fair big one next weekend, maybe Sunday so Leigh can make it.

  2. Hold on to your saddle Ian, but it looks like I will be joining you on Sunday morning! Got to be back by 10 though - cause that's when my pass runs out! Paul L