Monday, 14 March 2011

Next Weeks Ride

I think most of us got out for a ride this weekend although we did nothing organised, Leigh went up to Hertford and Back (another puncture though) Ainsley: went via Epping Green to Roydon St Margarets then the Towpath Home. Danny: High Beech Old Orleans Broxbourne then the Towpath Home. Ian Conor just a short one to the bikers hut and back. JJ has been cycling to work.

Conor and I are distributing flyers at both Beavers and Cubs tomorrow night if you fancy trying to nab some sponsors  I attach a copy here if you want to print some off for family and friends also on the right hand side of the blog towards the bottom are both the hardcopy sponsorship form if you prefer to get sponsors in this fashion.

Windsor to Highams Park Sponsor Form

Windsor to Highams Park Flyer

This weekend I propose we do another big one as we are only 6 weekends away from the off. Its going to be the London Jubilee Greenway which means a cycle down the Lea to the Olympic Park to Woolwich via the Northern Outfall Sewer crossing the River by the Woolwich foot tunnel Thames path to Lambeth Bridge Greenpark Buck House Hyde Park and Regents canal back to Victoria Park then Home which is 34 miles plus the 12 odd from HP to Victoria park connection so 46 all in. Here is the route :

Who is up for this either a 7:00am start Saturday or Sunday

Can we also all get together soon so that we can discuss arrangements for the 30th April Transport Hotel rest points for the service crew etc etc what evenings are we all free this week guys??

Finally anyone up for a local hill climb tonight nothing big just an hour spin.....

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  1. I can do Sunday, but if possible can we get out an hour later? say 8am?

    Saturday is out coz me and Mike will be coming back from Cheltenham after the Gold Cup.