Thursday, 27 January 2011

This Weeks Cycle - 27 miles

Ok so its taken me longer than I expected to get this up ans running sorry. But the Idea of this Blog is so that we can all see when the next training ride is and you can use this to comment as to whether you can make it or not.
this weeks cycle on sunday will take us up to the Lea Valley Park vis the normal route by the resevoirs under teh M25 to teh Park entrance by the Olympic White Water Arena. and then there is a 13 mile or so cycle in the park itself. 7 mile back will give us about 27 miles. there are a few hills!!!.

We are working up to doing the first attempt from the other end Windsor to either Watford or Rickmansworth. we'll talk about this on Sunday.

the other thing I wanted to mention is that Conor and Mathew want to start training soon  so anticipate doing a few shorter ridesto get them up to speed.

any other ideas for rides would be appreciated.

I hope you're all well

Our milage so far is as follows:

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  1. Thanks for organising the ride today Ian. A good route I thought and just challenging enough. Shame about the punctures but hey-ho, that's all part of the fun!!
    I'd encourage everyone doing the ride to get some miles under their belt either as part of the organised weekend rides or on their own. Today brought home to me that Windsor is going to be tough going, even with training.