Monday, 31 January 2011

Sundays Cycle- Highams Park to Broxbourne via St Leonards

Disaster Disaster.....Lovely start to the ride it was almost spring like very cold though Wind coming from the NE again but only 8mph. When we reached the Lea Valley Park there was ice on route. As we reached the top of the climb out of the Lea Valley towards St Leonards I got a front wheel puncture, no problems I had a pump and repair kit, except my old pump didn't fit my new tires .......Ouch.

Thanks to a couple of other riders we pumped the tire up but it was flat by the time we got to the Knobbly bobbly road by the river. Paul and Leigh cracked on home and I walked into Broxbourne where we were told there was a cycle shop (Cycledelia) it was closed just for this Sunday. I put the Bike on the train and came home Only13 miles today for me.

I then Find out that the same thing happened to Leigh on the tow path at Pickets Lock....... Leigh walks home only 24 miles for Leigh. Paul Continued on 27 Miles for him.

So the Lesson learned today is make sure you have a pump (and one that fits) a repair kit and even better a spare inner tube!!!

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  1. Thanks for organising the ride Ian. A good route I thought and just challenging enough. Shame about the punctures but hey-ho, that's all part of the fun!!
    Remind me again - what's the Scout Motto?

    I'd encourage everyone doing the ride to get some miles under their belt either as part of the organised weekend rides or on their own. Today brought home to me that Windsor is going to be tough going, even with training.