Monday, 21 March 2011

54 Miles ...........phew 5 weeks to go!!!!

Well that was some ride 54 miles all in all. The ride was not entirely successful.

The diversions and signage around the Olympic Park Development leave a lot to be desired.
The Greenway stinks!! Not surprisingly as it goes for 4 miles along the top of a working Victorian Sewer.
The first Woolwich leaves on a Sunday at 11:30  (No good if you are there at 11:00)
Currently the Woolwich foot tunnel is closed and there is serious improvement works at Greenwich foot tunnel.
Despite the Thames path being both pedestrian and for cyclists, pedestrians are in the majority and there are thousands of them. Despite British Waterways two tings campaign I think we need a two brain cell campaign for tourists and stupid people. At Tower Bridge, Southwark Cathedral, The Tate Modern, London Zoo and Camden Lock there are serious pinch points for cyclists.  

Any way it wasn’t all bad. We had the pleasure of Mike for the first time, despite the fact he turned up without a bike, bike helmet, gloves or back pack and in Romper Suit.

We lost Mike only once during the ride when we arrived at the Olympic Park View Tube, after ten minutes searching for him he reappeared like a Jeanie holding a very large juicy Prosciutto Mozzarella and Tomato Luncheon Focaccia Roll. Which looked awesome to tuck into, half way through a long slog of a day, unfortunately it was only 9:30am.

Olympic Park from The View Tube ( Can you spot the very large juicy Prosciutto Mozzarella and Tomato Luncheon Focaccia Roll)

The View Tube is a social enterprise and community venue located on The Greenway adjacent to the Olympic Park and offers a fantastic view of the Olympic Park with public maps for information about the view. It was built using recycled shipping containers and includes a cafĂ©, education, arts and information spaces with a panoramic view over the Olympic Park and Stratford City.  Have a look

Paul B left us at Tower Bridge and continued home from here.

We passed the Mayflower pub in Rotherhithe and looks a likely one for a visit on another day

 This 17th century pub was built at the end of the jetty from where the Mayflower took the Founding Fathers to America.

We also called into see the Queen for afternoon tea but she wouldn’t see us because mike was wearing that Baby Grow!!

Anyway enough of this old guff see what your all missing. 54 miles of fun.

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  1. Gotta say Ian good job on a quality abridged version of the day.

    It was good to get that many miles under the belt even if it was a little stop start.

    All I can say is if the actual day is half as much fun we should be in for a very good day!!