Tuesday, 22 March 2011

This weeks Cycle - 5 weeks to go

As we said in yesterdays blog Ian Mike and Ainsley are participating in the Cam to Coast 2011 72 Miler as a Training ride. JJ is Working and Paul B is cycling to work this week. I don't know whether Paul L, Leigh, Danny, are organising anything together or whether they're doing separate training rides this weekend.

To be honest I'm not looking forward to this cycle 72 miles is at least 7 hours in the saddle but its got to be done if we are to have a chance of completing the 100. The thought of a couple of scoops at the Hoop in Stock and  a Mr Whippy at Shoeburyness at the end will get us to the finish line.

There is a beer festival on at the Hoop in Stock from Friday 27th of May to Saturday 4th of June 2011

There has been a few complaints about the treatment meted out to Mike over the Romper Suit he was wearing on Sunday. Mike himself has admitted that the Baby Grow look is not a good one and said outfit is now destined for the bin. However there is a view from some readers of this blog that people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Therefore below is a picture with yours truly in it and admits that he is in no position to take pith.

HMS Bulwark in the Background moored at Greenwich

Just a reminder that all of us are meeting in the County arms at 8:00 to discuss the logistics for the challenge. Please email if you cant be there.


  1. Ok chaps some hints on fuelling up for a big ride and staying fuelled up while your riding:-

    - Eat a load of pasta the night before

    For Breakfast any or all of the following:-

    - Hearty oatmeal.
    - Whole wheat toast + natural peanut butter.
    - An apple.
    - Hearty, natural granola (whole almonds, etc.)
    - Cheerios without milk.

    during the ride:-

    - Carb Bars (every couple of hours)
    - Banana
    - Water
    - Sports Drink

    Make sure you stay hydrated during the ride don't wait until you feel thirsty it might be too late.

    After the ride some protein is a good idea to help your muscles recover.

  2. Great website for all things cycling:-


    There's even a section in there on how to shave your legs! Mike, Danny this won't apply to you!