Friday, 25 March 2011

Training Timetable April - and Sponsorship

We now only have 5 training weekends remaining until the challenge on Saturday 30th April.

You all now know what you personally have to do to make sure you are fit and able for the ride…….. 

To help us focus and make the most of our remaining training time I have completed the following Training Schedule  so that you can all see at a glance what rides and training is being done between now and the off.  If you want to take part just email me !!!!

Next Sunday we are going to do HP to St Albans so that we can all re-familiarise ourselves with the second part of the Route.

Sunday 10th I’ve found another good London Cycle that takes in all 11 major Thames bridges
Hammersmith Bridge, Putney BridgeBattersea BridgeAlbert BridgeBattersea ParkVauxhall BridgeWestminster Bridge Waterloo BridgeBlackfriars BridgeLondon BridgeTower BridgeGot to be an early start though to avoid the crowds.

Sunday 17 will be an ingenious Potters Bar Circular of about 65 miles starting from HP.

And finally on Sunday 24th we’ll warm down with an easy Hertford and Back plus breakfast at the cafĂ© opposite the Fish and Eels mmmmmmmmm!!

If you haven’t got your sponsorship emails out  or you have yet to tell your family friends work colleagues then you need to get them out this weekend. As you can see we’re up to £581 or 23% of the Total but still have a long way to go.

There has been some magnificent donations/sponsorships especially to Ainsley who’s raised £271 so far.

Finally for those who didn’t read Ainsley’s post........ over to you Ainsley.

Ok chaps some hints on fuelling up for a big ride and staying fuelled up while you’re riding:-

Eat a load of pasta the night before
For Breakfast any or all of the following:-

- Hearty oatmeal.
- Whole wheat toast + natural peanut butter.
- An apple.
- Hearty, natural granola (whole almonds, etc.)
- Cheerios without milk.

During the ride:-

- Carb Bars (every couple of hours)
- Banana
- Water
- Sports Drink

Make sure you stay hydrated during the ride don't wait until you feel thirsty it might be too late.
After the ride some protein is a good idea to help your muscles recover.
Great website for all things cycling:-

there’s even a section in there on how to shave your legs! Mike, Danny this won't apply to you!

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