Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Obsessive Cycling Disorder - Eeeeeeeeek only 2 Training Weekends to go!!!!

My apologies for not keeping on top of the blog, especially with the ride now only 2 training cycle ride weekends  away...... I've had quite a bit of work on which is good I guess.
I/We have a lot to do between now and the 30th April.
PLEASE PLEASE Can You give me an Idea of the funds raised to date if you are doing it by Sponsor form as opposed to the Just Giving. And if you can have a big push as we close in on the date...
I will have our accommodation details sorted by Friday and a first Blush Time table for both Friday and the this space.
Ainsley is organising a cycle tonight (13th April) anyone who fancies joining him tonight is more than welcome. I think Mike and Ian are joining him. JJ's running with his "Ladies"
We have cycled from Highams Park to St Albans twice since I last updated the Blog. On the 2nd JJ Ainsley Ian Matt and Conor cycled the 40 miles, Matt and Conor bailed out at Hertford. And last weekend Paul B and I were joined by Paul Lucas and Conor. I was a beautiful day perfect for cycling, if only we could rely on the weather being like it on the 30th Better start praying!!!! Conor made it to St Albans. Well done Con even if you did walk like John Wayne for 3 days afterwards.
This Weekend -----
I think it important that we all do at least one training ride together to see what 10 of us cycling together is like. I have now Cycled with everyone, ,and I can safely say "ALL THE GEAR AND ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA" To be fair I think everyones fitness has imbrovedwe ave slowly built up our milage to about 50-60miles or so.   But I cannot stress enough how hard the extra 30 odd miles will be. So I really can’t emphasise how important the next two weekends are.....
Can We ALL do this Sunday? – I am Planning a big one I did want to do the "Bridge To Far" but Ainsley reminded me that its the bloody marathon this Sunday perhaps we could start from Westminster and work towards Richmond from there... The other option is the Potters Bar Special, John Jung has also Suggested a Chingford to Toot Hill Loop.
Any way I’m open to suggestions but I really think we should all get out together if at all possible, especially as the following weekend is Easter and we may all have commitments over the weekend.
Here are a few Pictures.....
Here's our Mayor making a selection from the top shelf at Patels Minute Mart at St Albans Station at the end of last weeks Training Ride. Nice One Boris....

Ainsley trying to sell his bike to a pensioner at Hertford Market....Nice!

JJ having a reflective moment on the 13:45 to St Pancras

Ainsley Very Happy after selling his moody bike to the above mentioned pensioner for £300

St Albans London Road Station end of the Road for the last two Weekend Rides

Another Bloody Lock

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